Manifest Destiny?


Life is like an egg.  If you allow the external forces of the world to break it, growth and development stop and the egg’s true purpose is never realized.  However, if it is broken open from the inside through the process of self-nurturing and growth, then the contents of the egg is transformed into something greater and self-sustaining.  The good news for us is that you have a choice and the process can be reversed at any time.  You can decide to not be broken by the external forces of your life, but instead be transformed on the inside through the process of self-nurturing and growth.

I spent many years of my life being broken by external forces.  I allowed the judgments and opinions of others to break in and stop my growth and development.  I let them in and accepted them as truth.  I became a hoarder of other people’s trash.  Like so many people, I focused my energy on avoiding or numbing the pain rather than taking out the trash.  One day I decided that the path was no longer sustainable.  The price was too great.  I made the decision to change.

The process was slow and I’ve suffered setbacks; all of us do.  I still make mistakes.  But with patience, perseverance, and commitment it gets easier every day.  Now I’m being broken open from the inside and becoming something greater and self-sustaining.  I don’t need my protective shell anymore.

Where are you in your journey?  I hope that The Well-Tended Life is helping you grow from the inside.  If you are ready to accelerate your growth or need help deciding how to start, consider taking advantage of a complimentary coaching consultation.  It’s free and just may help you create the change you seek.

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